Except for the funds maintained in the JoshProvides general operating account to award financial assistance and overhead costs of operation, all donor funds are held and invested by Community Foundation of Sarasota County. JoshProvides Epilepsy Assistance Foundation awards financial assistance to those people who are living with epilepsy on a daily basis in accordance with the How To Apply For Assistance  webpage for the following uses:

(A) providing financial assistance for those people living with epilepsy and other seizure disorders and their families who are in need of help to pay for all or a portion of the expenses they incur for:

  1. transportation expenses to and from home, school, medical services and employment, through the purchase from or through third parties of gas cards, bus passes, taxi cab cards, or other third party transit options;
  2. the purchase of:
    1. medical services;
    2. seizure response dogs;
    3. seizure detection devices,
    4. seizure prediction devices; and
    5. other technologies, methods, and devices which are recommended by the patient’s medical doctor and are not covered by private medical insurance, other reimbursement plans, or government-funded programs, i.e. Medicaid benefits and Medicare benefits (but not insurance premiums); and
  3. such other expenses which are within the spirit of JoshProvides charitable purposes relating to such person’s health and care as approved from time to time by the organization and its Assistance Review Committee;

(B) assisting in the establishment and maintenance of support groups for people living with epilepsy and their families; and

(C) paying for expenses incurred for educating the general public regarding epilepsy and seizure disorders (each of Sub-items (A) through (C) a “Qualified Service/Item”).

A variety of assets and investment options qualify as planned gifts. Be sure to consult your legal and tax advisors to select the option that best meets your financial planning objectives.