Mission Statement: Join us as we work to improve the lives of those living with epilepsy or other seizure disorders.

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  • Joshprovides has been the light at the end of a dark tunnel. I had searched for many months and long hour, looking for funding trying to get my son a much needed service dog. My son suffers from a seizure disorder and brain damage from birth. Due to the increasing severity of his disability I was no longer able to work and trying to support our seven children on now one income. Four of our children have different disabilities. Getting what our son needed was beyond our reach until we came across Joshprovides. Joshprovides have been very helpful and understanding. We feel like we have been given back hope again.
  • Lillianna was diagnosed with epilepsy as an infant, fortunately we were able to control them with a low dose of medication (trileptal).  However, in the past three months she has begun to have clonic tonic seizures while she is sleeping and focal seizures throughout the day.  I am currently working with her doctors to try to get them subdued; we have increased her trileptal to the maximum dose; however, she is still having focal seizures everyday.  Lillianna's epilepsy is due to her diagnosis of having a duplicated chromosome that cause epilepsy among many other things. As her mother, I am in great fear that she will keep continue to have tonic clonic seizures throughout the night and I will not hear her.  After reading the testimonies of many people who have found great comfort and confidence with the Emfit monitor; I feel that this would be extremely helpful and could possibly save her life.  Unfortunately,  I do not have the income or financial resources to afford this monitor.  When I applied for assistance through joshprovides.org, I did not expect such a quick response.  The sense of urgency and compassion was overwhelmingly joyful, just to say the least.  I am forever grateful for your assistance! Thank you, Samantha, Andrew, & Lillianna
  • Hello, I am extremely grateful to The Josh Provides Foundation for supporting my daughter Shanon. Shanon was two and 112 half when she was diagnosed with Autism. She has always worked hard to do what came easier for others such as learning to talk, read and tie her shoes. At the age of 11 112 Shanon was diagnosed with a seizure disorders and was placed on Trileptal. The Trileptal worked well, but it had disabling side effects. Shanon would suffer from slurred speech, dizziness and inability to walk when initially taking her medication. The side effects would last up to an hour or more and she was unable to function until the effects passed. I was forced to give her the medication right before bed and then again at 4:30 am so that she would sleep through the side effects of taking the Trileptal. However, even with that on some days, she awoke dizzy and sluggish. Plus, giving her the medication so early also allowed for break through seizure activity in the evening. After a year of trying to balance dosages and manage the side effects, her neurologist provided us with samples of Oxtellar XR (the extended version of Trileptal). Oxtellar XR eliminated the side effects and she no longer experienced seizures into the late afternoon. The neurologist acquisitioned our insurance company. The insurance company stated they would cover the Oxtellar XR, but we had to meet a $1 500 deductible first and the Oxtellar XR cost $1295.00 for one month supply. We prayed for help and our prayers were answered by The Josh Provides Foundation. They were able to provide support, so Shanon could get her first month supply of Oxtellar XR which helped us nearly meet are deductible. They made it possible for Shanon to get the appropriate medication to treat her seizure disorder and improved her quality of life.
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6Josh Chapnick was only 28 years old in 2008 when he passed away as a result of a seizure. Bruce, Sandi, and Nicole Chapnick, Josh’s parents and sister, knew immediately that they wanted to create a resource for others with epilepsy to honor the memory of Josh.
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JoshProvides Epilepsy Assistance Foundation (“Foundation” or “JoshProvides”) organized its first EPILEPSY SUPPORT GROUP for the greater Sarasota/Manatee County, Florida area for the benefit of those living with epilepsy and their families on January 15, 2013. Monthly meetings are held on the first Monday of each month from 6:30pm to 8:00pm, Perkins Restaurant, 5921 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, FL 34232

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